Solstice Fire 

As I write this, I am feeling hungover and weak, like a shell of a human being, after my first visit to an English pub in 6 months. From Guinness, to Scrumpy to endless G &T’s, I eagerly indulged in ALL the alcohol, wanting to have a taste of the sweet nectars I miss while living in Berlin. Without thinking of tomorrow, without thinking of the consequences of my actions. And now I suffer.

In this weakened state, my self-given task of writing a blog post a day seemed like a struggle. My creative spark was well and truly extinguished, completely saturated in alcohol. 

This evening was my mother’s solstice workshop, where we gave thanks to the elements and the fertile lands, the energy that the seasons have granted us. 

We asked ourselves the question: What is my positive intention for the solstice, what do I want to manifest? 

My mind, in a darkened place, found it hard to summon the strength to think positively. But I searched deep within, and found some wisdom to guide me. Believe in yourself, you are worthy. Share your fruits to provide sustenance for others, some may be sweet, some may be sour, but that’s ok, you are trying to grow. As I gazed into the burning embers of our solstice fire, I gave thanks to all those beautiful creatures in my life, who give me strength and joy. 

The world is a beautiful place, take heed of life’s lessons and keep on shining.


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