Athens is Burning

I can’t remember exactly how it started, for the whole night is now a blur, but I guess it started with me and Irene’s trip to the beach. A hungover recovery in the sun, gazing out into the ocean, 1 litre of wine in a plastic bottle laying by our sides. Advertisements

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Solstice Fire 

As I write this, I am feeling hungover and weak, like a shell of a human being, after my first visit to an English pub in 6 months. From Guinness, to Scrumpy to endless G &T’s, I eagerly indulged in ALL the alcohol, wanting to have a taste of the sweet nectars I miss while […]

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Resurrecting the W.I.T.C.H

On Halloween 1968, a group of black clad women, sporting pointy hats and clutching broomsticks made their way to Wall Street in order to perform a Hex on the financial heart of capitalism. The next day, the Dow Jones fell dramatically – the witches’ work complete. The group in question were the radical socialist movement […]

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Step out from the Darkness, into the Light. And bring forth your dreams, that grew from the night. Today is Imbolc, old Gaelic for “in the belly.” What sparks of wisdom and creativity have been nestled away, deep within you, slowly growing, and taking form? Now is the time to nurture all these hopes and desires that […]

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Born Under The Super Moon

This is a blog born beneath the Super Moon. One that has taken many forms, and been long in the making. It was only  once our Great Lunar Mother came down to shine upon our Earth, to whisper in my ear, that I could harness the strength to bring this project to fruition. And so […]

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